Just off the Bergen stop in Brooklyn, NY, Jed Schmidt and Brian J Brennan reserved a kickass space for a kickass meetup that is BrooklynJS. For the December edition, there were talks, beer and barbershop quartet interludes.

I gave a 10 minute talk on how to create full-motion HD video from natural simulations rendered in the browser. The first step involves a project called Bit-Shadow Machine. The second step combines Adobe Photoshop and NodeJS to output the video. For more, check out the talk below.

It’s a little hard to hear so don’t be afraid to up your volume.

Several other presenters gave great talks:

The barbershop interludes between each speaker were especially poignant. Check out the video.


If you’re in New York and like beer, good people and good JavaScript, don’t miss BrooklynJS. You can see from the crowd shot it’s a popular night. So follow them on Twitter and jump on tickets early.