The Discover Weekly Speaker plays Spotify's personalized Discover Weekly playlist. No buttons or knobs. Just plug it in and hear great music. 

I built the Discover Weekly Speaker during Spotify's Spring 2015 Hack Week as a "household genres" experiment. In my household, certain genres dominate certain rooms. We play jazz in the dining room because, for us, it makes great dinner music. We play old rock 'n roll in the kitchen because my son loves it when he's eating breakfast and lunch. We play blues in the living room to wind down after my son has gone to sleep. 

The great thing about this speaker... you can configure it to play any playlist, not just Discover Weekly. I built three and setup them up around the house. Instead of a living room, we have a Blues room. And when I simply want great music, I use Spotify Connect to switch any room to Discover Weekly.

This project followed a similar production path as the Blues Box. There were two phases, build an enclosure and build a player. To design the enclosure, I used OpenSCAD and prototyped using a Makerbot Replicator 2. After I built one, I decided the 3DP structure was substantial enough as a final product. I also documented the general steps for setting up a RaspberryPi for an audio hack in case you want to build something similar. 

To create the player I used a RaspberryPi A+ and a proprietary Spotify player built specifically for Raspbian. After the Pi boots up and initializes the player, the player starts playing. It's all pretty simple and convenient.