May 2014 was a big month for me. First, I got married. Second, I spoke about creating Pixel Art with JavaScript at EmpireJS 2014 in NYC.

You can also check out the slides or the Bit-Shadow Machine repo.

After the conference was over we went to the after-party at Lightbox, an interactive arts event space. The DJs used their floor to ceiling video walls to project the Bit-Shadow Machine video I showed during my talk.

Those were some mighty big box-shadows. 

EmpireJS 2014 had two days of great talks and activities. A few that stood out as especially interesting were Drew Petersen (Exploiting a Pocket Universe), Rick Waldron (Bits of Nodebots Next), and John Resig (Hacking Art with Node js and Image Analysis).

Follow EmpireJS and get an early ticket next year.