My summer started with a trip to Bucharest to speak at JSCamp Romania 2014. My talk was on using JavaScript to build Braitenberg Vechicles in the browser. I also demonstrated how to connect data from the physical world to influence natural simulations.

After arriving, I learned this was the first JavaScript conference ever held in Romania. There were software engineers coming from all over the country. In the end, the majority of people I met were not from Bucharest and had traveled at least a half a day to attend.

I’m not too familiar with the current state of the Romanian economy. But after spending time with the over 300 attendees at the conference, it sounds like Internet businesses are multiplying and fueling a startup scene.

I also learned you can put Bourbon in beer.

One the best parts of speaking at a conference is spending time with the organizers and speakers. Gabi Schiopu is an amazing host who made sure we didn’t get lost and introduced us to Romanian moonshine. I also hung out with Robert Nyman, Martin Kleppe, Sebastian Golasch, Phil Hawksworth, Patrick H. Lauke, Tero Parviainen, and Peter Müller… some great speakers who gave inspiring talks.