Was going thru some storage boxes and found some old PIE CDs from 2005! We recorded this EP after playing at various venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn over two years or so. The recording studio was called Fireproof because it was housed in an old 1800s era Brooklyn firehouse. The fireman pole was still there.

I remember after recording I had very little money to spend on replication. In DIY spirit, I found origami paper at Pearl River Mart sized to almost the exact dimensions needed to fit the front of the CD case. There were a few variations on the pattern which is why you see different colors.

I also found drink umbrellas I could wedge into the spine. For the back insert, I scanned and printed a napkin drawing Bryan Green made at a previous show.

For the type, I ordered custom ink stamps. Assembling each CD meant hand stamping each side of the front insert, shoving a drink umbrella into the spine, fitting the back and stamping the CDs themselves which were coated matte white. I think I made 50 or so and shipped most to CD Baby. Given the various origami patterns and my tendency to stamp at odd angles, each CD was unique!

The insert reads:

Vince Allen - Guitar, Drums, Vocals

Bob Parins - Pedal Steel Guitar

Danny Zanker - Upright Bass

Recorded and mixed at Fireproof by Adam Lasus



01 Bitch for Hound (3:45)

02 Old Crow (3:54)

03 Pot Pie Bride (3:23)

04 Kiss this Fist (4:04)

05 Fear with Beer (5:14)


I ran out of space on the stamp and couldn't list the sixth song which was Dirt to Double-lane... hidden track!