A few years ago I had an apartment with high ceilings and big blank walls. I was on the tail end of a long freelance gig at an ad agency where Post-its were in frequent use. Having worked with digital pixels, I thought, why not do something with Post-its as pixels.

This was also right around the 2008 election and Shepard Fairey’s poster was distinctive element in the Obama campaign’s creative styling.

I went out and purchased as many different packs of Post-its as I could find, scanned them, and came up with a Post-it palette.

I then mapped a pixelated version of the poster to the palette and had a digital version of what I needed to transfer to my wall.

1380 Post-its later, I had a 7.5ft x 10ft Post-it pixel portrait in the kitchen.

Since we had a few more bare walls, I deicded to take on another Post-it piece. Do you remember this GQ cover?

Here’s the digital Post-it version.

And here’s our living room wall after 12 different colors from a total of 828 Post-its.